A long awaited 2021 progress update!
@anderfernandes | Saturday, January 16, 2021 at 08:47:02 PM

Hello everyone! What a year 2020 was: the most challenging year for our generation, and things were not different with me.

I finally graduated from school in May and started a full time job in a new city a few months after. Between finding a new place and getting new things for this place, a lot changed and it didn’t let me focus on Astral as much as I wanted to. Even with everything that happened (right in the middle of a global pandemic), bad or good, I never stopped working on ideas for Astral and the same goes for bug fixes and small improvements.

While all that was happening, I was keeping a close eye on the tools I use and wanted to use to build Astral. I was waiting for a list of new technologies to come out and for the most part they are all out, which will finally let me rewrite everything the way I want. I am very excited!

Here’s a few things that have been added and updated to Astral in 2020:

Our vision for the beta going forward stays the same as described here. I plan on writing here more often and show you a little bit of how thing are turning out. Stay tuned