Improvements to Alpha 1
@anderfernandes | Monday, January 8, 2018 at 10:09:00 PM

The past few months have been really exciting to me as I keep on building this system. I am very thankful for what I have learned and the support I have been getting from my coworkers and loved ones. Let’s go over some of the improvements we have added as of today:

1. Dashboard shows more detailed information on the "Feed" section

Previously, you could only see who made sales, but not exactly what they sold. Now you can see exactly when and what has been sold.

2. The user interface elements in Calendar and Events have been improved

You can now change the view in Calendar or Events, navigate through dates using the arrow buttons, go to “today” using the button that’s in between the arrows, create an event and a sale by type (another new feature that we will discuss on item number 4)

3. Members can now have dependents

Membership was a feature unavailable when we first launched 1.0.0-alpha1. We turned things around and launched it in late november of 2017. We also added the possibility of adding “dependents” on memberships, as well as viewing/printing a receipt and a membership card. At the moment, Astral only takes one dependent, but in the near future we are planning to make it so that you can set the maximum number of dependents a membership can have.

4. Several improvements to Sales

You can create a new Sale based on Event Types set up under Settings / Event Types in Admin. Also, only Customers that belong to the Organization will show in the dropdown. Note that in Calendar and Events you also need to select what kind of Event you are creating a Sale for.

5. Selecting a non-cash payment method will automatically fill the "tendered" field

I didn’t notice how annoying something so simple was until I had to sell a couple of tickets over the holiday season. You’re welcome, cashiers!

6. "Public Calendar"

We have added a public Calendar, which shows a list of events coming up and is automatically updated. I made this for your staff so that they know the groups that will be coming to visit your Science Center. To access it, go to http://your-astral-url/calendar.

7. "Upcoming Events"

Upcoming Shows, for your visitors to know what shows are played that day in in the next 7 days and is automatically updated. To access it, go to http://your-astral-url/upcoming.

Items 6 and 7 are perfect for a nice and large screen. That’s what I had in mind when I made them. That’s how we are using them at the Mayborn Science Theater

I already have a lot more in mind for Astral so keep checking back for more updates. Happy new year!